EU4Environment – Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) in Azerbaijan
The “EU4Environment” Action helps the six Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine to preserve their natural capital and increase people’s environmental well-being by supporting environment-related actions, demonstrating and unlocking opportunities for greener growth, and setting mechanisms to better manage environmental risks and impacts.

Benefits of RECP

Enterprises and other organizations that adopt RECP “do more with less”; they increase the efficiency with which they use materials and energy, they improve their productivity and thus their competitiveness. At the same time, through greater efficiency, enterprises reduce the amount of pollution and waste they generate, thus lowering their impact on the environment, including their carbon footprint. As waste and emissions reduce, and hazardous substances are eliminated, the risks of industrial operations to workers, communities, and consumers also decrease. Briefly speaking, businesses and other organizations that implement RECP methods, practices, and technologies gain a triple benefit:  

  1. Enhancing the efficient use of natural resources including water, energy and materials;
  2. Minimization of the impact on the environment and nature by preventing the generation of waste and emissions (including those discharged into water, air, or on land;)
  3. Minimization of risks to people and communities from the use of chemicals, and the safe disposal of chemicals used in industry.

Such benefits have now been demonstrated in thousands of companies of different sizes and sectors all around the world. For instance, The RECP assessment teams involving the national experts, management, and technical staff of the demonstration companies  revealed a considerable potential for improving the materials and energy use efficiency, the environment, and the economic performance of the companies in Azerbaijan. The RECP measures in all demonstration companies have an estimated average payback period of less than one year.

In addition, the companies that apply the RECP methodology will benefit from an improved environmental compliance, improved environmental image, and improved relationships with their customers and stakeholders.